PicoTurbine is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, with an additional location in Kearny, NJ and has been involved in the STEM/STEAM community for nearly two decades, inspiring both children and adults to get involved with alternative energy. Since 2008, we have been focused on becoming a premier STEAM education product and service supplier. Our staff of engineers and educators, affectionately know as the “PicoNauts” is fully able to meet a school district’s STEM/STEAM educational program and service demands. Our corporate mission is to “create a passion for STEAM learning through hands-on learning programs.” It is our vision to “foster a love of STEAM learning to facilitate students interest in becoming future engineers that will in turn change the world in which we live.”

Creating a Passion For STEAM Learning

As PicoTurbine diversified its product offerings,

the company enjoyed a steady initial growth rate and enormous interest from K-16 Schools in the USA looking for STEM curriculum resources. PicoTurbine is currently investing its resources into developing a comprehensive K-12 STEAM education program and now offers custom curriculum development services to schools at all levels.

PicoTurbine’s mission statement can best be summarized in one single sentence:

“Advancing Education, one Student at a time!”


Picoturbine international

930 Newark Avenue
Suite T519
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Phone: 877-731-9966
Fax: 877-577-1887 Contact@PicoTurbine.com Founded/Acquired: 1998/2008

Primary Business: Renewable Energy, Robotics, 3D Printing, STEM teacher trainings, and other Technology products for the STEM Education Market.