PicoTurbine has initiated a fundraising program for schools interested in a 3D printer. We have a variety of sizes and pricing of prints for your school to fundraise. PicoTurbine will set aside a 3D printer for your school and use your printer to produce your fundraising items. We can make your files from JPEGS of your school/organization’s logo, mascot, and name at no additional cost to the program. Once you have raised enough funds for the printer we ship all of the prints & printer to you! You can then continue your fundraising efforts for more printers or other applications in your school/organization.

How it Works:

-Create  a design! We encourage you and your students to create your own logo, either as a .svg or .stl file.  If you need help, we offer complimentary design services for your logo.

-Then we print some samples of your design on the printer you are interested in.

-Once satisfied, make a flyer to email or hand out throughout the school. The more your students design, the more pride and drive they will have to succeed in the fundraiser.

-Set a price. Plan out how many items you would like to sell and at what price. We recommend 100 items at $5 each.

-Once you hit your predetermined goal, you will receive the prints and printer so that you may continue your fundraising efforts.

-Your printer will include a warranty and a 90-minute training session for your staff.

-Contact us for more details and to work out your custom fundraising plan!