On his #JerseyJobsTour Senator Bob Menendez visited the flex-spaces of Kearny Point which just so happens to be the home of our design academy. Senator Menendez has been on a statewide tour urging business owners and colleges to work together to properly train employees for the jobs that are on the nation’s growing market. Senator Menendez believes that technology is advancing our nation’s workforce and wants to implement that into the way we are educating for employment. Senator Menendez introduced the Better Education and Skills Training, or BEST, for America’s Workforce Act which would create partnerships between local colleges and local businesses.  Senator Menendez tweets, “My BEST for America’s Workforce Act encourages colleges & employers to partner on skills just like & Precision Tech”.  Menendez has been quoted in saying, “That’s why I introduced this bill which will link our community colleges with local businesses so that workers can move right from education to employment.”

Senator Menendez and PicoTurbine’s President Michael Burghoffer briefly discussed a possible relationship with PicoTech Institute; a new sub-brand of PicoTurbine International. Under PicoTech Institute there are three subdivisions ranging from STEM education, workforce development, and hobbyist learning. These subdivisions are SteamRocks, PicoDesigns, and PicoStudios with various locations throughout Hudson County.

PicoDesigns Academy is a workforce development center teaching CAD (computer aided design) skills that are a fast growing necessity for today’s workplace. Some of the skills that can be taken from these courses are 3D render and design, solid works certification, adobe systems and more. Workforce development has been at the forefront of Michael Burghoffer’s vision as he makes connections across various platforms bringing tech advancement both to a classroom and real world applications.

PicoTurbine and Urban League Planning


Senator Menendez took a few moments away from business to relax in PicoDesigns 3D printed furniture. The advancement of technology brought a glimmer of adoration into the Senators eyes as he asked as many questions as he could pertaining to 3D printing and their applications.

Senator Bob Menendez relaxing in a 3D Printed chair

Senator Menendez seems to be on the offense when it comes to advancing workforce development and as you all know we are always “Advancing STEM Education One Student at a Time”.

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