3D Printing Night Classes

We will be offering night classes from 6-9pm at our local Education Centers!

Classes will run for 4 weeks at a time for one night a week. Each class is geared towards a particular printer brand we offer such as WASP Delta, Ultimaker, Lulzbot, Makerbot, & the Up Mini.

Classes will be for 3 hours.

60-90 minutes of the lesson & 90-120 minutes of lab practice

  • Class one: Get to know your printer
  • Class two: Maintenance of your 3D Printer
  • Class three: Software & Design of your 3D Printer
  • Class four: Brining it all together through a hands-on test.

Success guarantee- Your success is our success!

Take the same class over and over until you feel comfortable with it 110%. We will suggest it regardless when we feel it will benefit you!

Classes are $99-$499 depending on the level for 4 classes totaling 12 hours or they can take level 1 for free after purchasing a printer from us!

Stay tuned for the launch!

All classes information and registrations: PicoDesign Academies