Professional Development

We offer STEM/STEAM focused Professional Development training sessions geared towards educators for all of our specialties including 3D printing, Alternative Energy and it’s subdivisions, and Junior Engineering. Our STEAM Teacher Development Bootcamps are an opportunity for any teacher to get an introduction or an in depth education into what STEAM is, some of the elements of STEAM, and how you can integrate it into the classroom. Below we have listed a few sample session overviews that we offer. If you are interested in these or any other custom program please contact us here or at the link at the bottom of the page.


3D Printing Session:


In this session you will learn the very basics of how to set up a 3D printer. You will learn about the website, how to find files and use the site to relate to students and get them excited about the technology. Once you have a file downloaded they will learn about slicing software – the software that takes 3D model files and turns it into a printable instruction set that a 3D printer understands. In the software you will learn about the different settings that effect print quality and time based on its intended purpose such as wall thickness, layer resolution, infill, supports and more. Finally, you will learn to set up the 3D printer in order to minimize the chance of a print fail. You will learn about common errors, leveling the print surface, and other things too look for before leaving the printer alone to finish the job.


Wind Energy (Alternative Energy) Session:

In this module teachers will engage in and explore different scientific principles of wind energy to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how wind can be harnessed as a renewable energy source. Teachers then apply their knowledge to test different wind blades on two different types of turbines to collect and analyze data to design their ideal turbine. Using these findings, teachers will also evaluate the pros and cons of their wind turbine design and use of wind as a renewable energy source, using evidence to support their claim. Upon completion of this module, teachers will be able to apply their newfound knowledge to understand other renewable energy sources in addition to their applications in the classroom.


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