Student Programs:

We offer several programs geared towards teaching students either in the format of an after school program, summer camp, or school elective, some of which include:

  • Intro to CAD and Fusion 360
  • Intro to design for 3D printers using TinkerCAD
  • 3D printed Prosthetics with Project e-Nable

In Project e-Nable students learn about anatomy and physiology through the engaging world of 3D printing. PicoTurbine has partnered with public schools to deliver multiple prosthesis for children in need. Want to get your school involved? Contact us at the bottom of your screen

Student Camps

We offer Spring, Summer and Winter Camps focusing on STEAM education. Some of our offerings include 3D printing, Computer Aided Design, Hydroponics & Aquaponics, as well as other forms of Alternative Energy. We also offer school field trips to our Hudson County STEAM Center covering topics ranging from core classes to the basics of engineering. We correlate all curriculum with the latest standards including NGSS and Common Core.


Student Field Trips

Come experience the exciting world of Innovation and Engineering at our STEAM Rocks Education Center. Bring your class in to have a hands on experience with 3D printers, learn about the benefits of alternative energy and make a difference by engaging yourself in our Aquaponics and Hydroponics seminar.

Interested in booking a class trip? Contact us below!

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