Rapid Prototyping

3D Printers and CNC Routers

Rapid Prototyping incorporates all of the methods that have exploded over the past 10 years for rapidly bringing ideas to life. Most commonly known are 3D printers, we offer a range of 3D printers from various manufacturers that we use day to day in our programs.

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Junior Engineering


We offer Junior Engineering Lab equipment designed in house for our own labs to work well. With these you’ll never be far from an outlet or drawer space, as we have built it into all of our tables. You’ll also never need to worry about to how to set up a 3D print farm to have a high student to printer ratio, we have full farms with built in power distribution, slides and filament storage.

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Wind, Solar, and hydroelectric energy kits

From the beginning we have been and continue to be a sustainability focused company. We offer small wind turbine kits (the genesis of our name) as well as hydroelectric kits, solar kits and more all for making power and learning about alternative energy.

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