If you are looking to start a Makerspace, STEM or STEAM lab, or as we call it a Junior Engineering lab then look no further, our Junior Engineering Furniture is a modular solution to set up any lab. We originally conceived this idea when we started to grow our own lab and a familiar picture began to emerge. Our original print farm was not much more than a shelf with extension cords zip ties to it, our storage was plastic and cardboard boxes, our work areas were ikea tables and we had more extension cords littering the floor to power everything. Eventually we thought to ourselves “There must be a better way”, so we designed and made one.

Our lab furniture is all built with safety and convenience in mind. Print farms have distributed electric, placed within each print cell. Lower level printers are on hydraulic locking slides for easy access to the back of the printer from the front of the farm. Our tables and all other outlets we install are tamper resistant and water resistant GFCI outlets. We also built in hydraulic locking drawers for ease of storage in the tables, with a large storage area underneath. Come check out what we can do for your lab!